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"Buddy Holly, leader of the group, is a studious-looking young man who totes his electric guitar like a sawn-off shot-gun and carries around a giant-sized amplifier which even made the Town Hall organ pipes flinch. Mr. Holly is 70 per cent of the act. He plays and sings with brash exuberance, and adds a few Presley-like wiggles which had the teenage audience squealing with delight."

-From a review written after a performance in Birmingham (March 1958)

The following February Buddy Holly was gone; killed in a plane crash at the age of twenty two.

Amazingly, through a career that lasted a mere eighteen months (from the spring of 1957 until the winter of 1958-59), Buddy managed to create a body of work significant enough to inspire generations of future artists and secure for himself a place in rock & roll history.