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To get things rolling...

Buddy wrote this autobiography as an assignment for his sophomore English course in early 1953

"I was born one fall day, a certain particular one, because it was September 7th 1936 and school for that year was starting. It was also the first Monday of the month and Dollar Day, and also Labor Day, so you see, it was very eventful in more ways than one. Mr and Mrs L.O. Holley were the happy parents of this bouncing baby boy, or so I'm told, because I was a little young then to be remembering it now.

My life has been what you might call an uneventful one, and it seems there is not much of interest to tell. I was born here in Lubbock and except for a year and a half when I moved to the Roosevelt School District, I have lived here all my life so far. I don't remember too much of this period of my life up until I started to go to school at Roscoe Wilson when I was seven.* Since then I remember most of the more important events of my school days. It was during the 4th grade that I moved to Roosevelt and continued to school there until I finished the 6th grade. I then moved back to the Lubbock School District and started Junior High School at J. T. Hutchinson. It was great to back among my old grade school friends and everything clicked right off. It was really a joy to me to become a westerner at Lubbock Senior High School. Little did I know what the last nine weeks of my sophomore year held for me.

This will make the second time I have given my English theme for my test; I got kicked out of Plane Geometry in the last week of school; I am behind with my Biology work and will probably fail every course I'm taking. At least that's the way I feel. But why quit there? I may as well go ahead and tell all. My father's out of town on a fishing trip, and he's really going to be proud of my latest accomplishments when he gets back. As of now I have these on the list.

When I was driving our pickup Sunday afternoon against a hard wind, the hood came unfastened and blew up and now it's so bent that it won't fasten down good. Before I got home I stopped at a boy's house and he knocked a baseball into the front glass, shattering it all over me. As if that wasn't enough, I had an appointment to apply for a new job with a drafting firm yesterday afternoon and when my mother came after me , she let me drive on towards town. I had bought a picture of the choir and she was looking at it. She asked where I was and I pointed to the picture. Just as I looked back up we hit the back of a Chrysler and tore the front end of our car up. So you see, I hope my father gets to catching so many fish that he will forget to come back for a little while.

Well that's enough of bad things for a while, I have many hobbies. Some of these are hunting, fishing, leatherwork, reading, painting, and playing western music. I have thought about making a career out of western music if I am good enough but I will just have to see how that turns out. I like drafting and have thought about making it my life's work, but I guess everything will have to wait and turn out for the best.

Well that's my life to the present date, and even though it seems awful and full of calamities, I'd sure be in a bad shape without it.

In other words,

*In Lubbock a child had to be six years old on Sepember 1st to enter grade one, so Buddy didn't start school until the eve of his seventh birthday in 1943.
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