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here's how i came to love buddy...

from the moment i became interested in music i've gravitated toward 'oldies'. my first favourite duo was peter & gordon, would you believe, when i was no more than seven or eight years old (i knew the words to "true love ways" looong before i was aware who wrote it !) i also recall having a crush on jerry lee lewis around that time (and he probably would've dated me, too !) bear in mind that i was born in 1981; while i drooled over paul mccartney all my friends were gazing starry-eyed at their new kids on the block posters. my parents listened to the forementioned artists occasionally but were more into the likes of ABBA and elton john. i took it upon myself to seek out what i fancied from their cassette collection. however, my first REAL musical obsession came at the age of ten: for close to three years thereafter i listened almost exclusively to the beatles. i immersed myself in anything and everything i could find that was beatles-related (not so easy for a small-town gal in her pre-internet days.) thus i learned about teddy boys, lonnie donegan & skiffle, and became acquainted with songs like "that's all right mama" and "words of love". now, i can't recall when exactly i became aware of buddy specifically... it seems to me i always knew of him, and could name at least a handful of his better-known songs. and i'd liked him well enough, occasionally borrowing my father's "best of buddy holly" tape. i've also long associated him with an uncle who died under tragic circumstances (in texas, no less) when i was very young; pictures of dad's brother when he was a teenager in his horn-rimmed glasses are very similar to photos i'd seen of buddy. but it's only recently that i've become a little more... rabid... in my appreciation for ol' charles. it seems i just woke up one day with buddy on the brain ! i've amassed a respectable collection of his music in a rather short time and am kicking myself for not doing so sooner ! i ADORE this stuff !

how 'bout y'all ?
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