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Ooh. . .

Buddy stuff. . . Must look around when it's not close to noon on a day I've not gone to bed yet. . .
Buddy Holly is just amazing, I've thought so for years ^_^V ! I went to see a play about him back in high school, but the tickets we had were won from the radio, so they were waaaay up in the balcony. We couldn't clearly see a thing except "Buddy's" glasses! My favourite song of his is "True Love Ways" ^_^ . I wrote a story around it once and everything ^_^ .
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i'd love to read your story !
Er, so long as you don't mind it's BSSM romance fic ^_^ . . . It's called "My Boyfriend's an Idol". One of my better stories, but like most, I still find some things about it that make me cringe. *shrugs* Such is life for the perfectionist, I guess.
It's at: http://members.fortunecity.com/naia_zifu/idol.txt (If the direct link doesn't work, you might have to go back to the main page and look for it in the Three Lights fics section.)